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The Registered Office of the Association will be situated in KAKINADA.

The Aim and Objectives of the Association are:

To promote unity among the Steamer Agents

To examine and safeguard as far as possible and as far as it will lie within the powers of the Association, the interests of the Shipping Agents in their dealings with the Central and State Governments and their Departments, Port, Immigration, Customs, Governments and their Departments, Shippers, Stevedores Contractors, Importers, Railways, Labor Unions and other Official and Quasi Official bodies and Trade Associations

To take steps which may be necessary for promoting or supporting any plans, proposals etc, for the growth and development of shipping in general and Shipping Agents in particular and to take the initiative to secure the welfare of the Shipping Agents in all respects

To instruct the members and diffuse among them useful knowledge regarding the Five Years Plan, proposals to the Planning Commission, Legislation, Enactments etc. pertaining to Shipping Industry, tonnage expansion etc, by collecting and of circulating to members modern literature on the subject, reports, enactments magazines, statistics and other useful information both Indian and Foreign

To establish a Library

To make and secure representations to local, State or Central Authorities or bodies on matters affecting shipping agency business

To work in co-operation when necessary on subjects of common interest with any other recognized Conference or Trade Association operating through Kakinada Port

To take up any other matter concerning Shipping Agents and affecting their interests with the consent of the majority of Members as and when occasions demand

The Association shall not normally take up any matter concerning individual trades of Members other than their Shipping Agency business